Welcome to My flabuLESS blog.

About Me

I’m a forty something yr old foodie who hit 40 and had a mid life crisis. Thats me on the left about 8 years ago and me on the right in 2019.  Together with my better half/soulmate/Bane of my life/saviour (delete depending on the weather) the wonderful Dazzler we gave it all up to open an ice cream business and live in Brighton with our three mad dogs.

Fast forward a few years and life changed – I am now Head of People and Culture  for a digital marketing agency!! we swapped the ice cream van for a camper van and now spend weekends trying to fit 2 adults and 3 dogs into Fanny – our ford transit campervan

in 2018 I had weight loss surgery. I’ve spent my life trying to lose weight and had weight related diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and sleep apnoea when I went into surgery. These are now largely in remission and I am a whole lot lighter than I was then.

About My Flabulous Blog

I started this blog really as a place to document recipes so I always had a place to find them.  In addition I often blog about things that are important to me – whether thats politics, food, being gay and of a certain age, my house, the universe and everything.

As life has changed so has the blog. I have a section on my weight loss journey as well as lifestyle (mostly me rambling) and recipes. and Ive tried to get organised so you will find food classified as either sweet or savoury (although breakfast gets a bit blurred there)

I will continue to document my journey and come up with interesting recipes and hope I help some people along the way.

At the bottom of the page you can find links to my twitter and instagram accounts – where I post photos i love and share recipes and silliness.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do – please feel free to comment or ask questions – always happy to help.

Have a FlabuLESS day xx



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