Make Mother’s Day Flabulous…

I’m sitting here for the second night in a row with my mum, full, laughing, and just a little bit worse for wear and it’s not even Mother’s Day till tomorrow!!!

I remember the years where I would send a huge bouquet of flowers, turning up on her doorstep to take her out to lunch with a card and a bottle of fizz. Together with my brothers we would wine and dine her and then I’d drive off back to my home in Brighton feeling like I was being the best son.

This year everything is different. Im on the tightest budget so I’ve had to think carefully about how I celebrate this day that focuses on the most important woman in my life. I decided to give her ‘me’ for Mothers day this year so, before our nephew made his slightly delayed appearance, the Dazzler and I had already agreed we would each spend a very long weekend with our mothers, focussing on them.

And we have had a couple of days doing just that. Today, as its been beautifully sunny, we’ve walked her doggie along the cliffs, been shopping, and thanks to Lidl and the reduced section at M&S we are dining on a luxury paella with 2 bottles of wine. We have both eaten loads, drank copiously and have giggled like kids all without lifting a finger and for under a tenner!!

But its not always easy showing someone you love them. My wonderful mother, who has spent her whole life putting everyone else first, finds it hard to make a choice when shes given options, and will always choose what she thinks you want. Our conversation about Mother’s Day lunch, which she does want, went something like this…

Me: do you want Lamb, Beef or Chicken for your roast on Sunday?
Mum: I don’t mind, Jeremy doesn’t eat lamb or beef, so we could have chicken
Me: it doesn’t matter about Jeremy, we can do him chicken too, what do you want?
Mum: I don’t mind
Me: but which one do you prefer?
Mum: I like beef or lamb, beefs on special, so we could have that?
Me: (slightly frustrated) but if money was no object which one would you really like?
Mum: well, your nan did make me lamb on the day I came home from hospital with you and since then it’s always been my favourite!!

Me: Silent Screeeeaaaammmm!!!

The family are descending on us tomorrow, which always makes her happy. We got the Lamb and I’m making a kick ass dessert- thank you Nigella- I’ve got the veggies prepped, the lamb jointed and marinating and I’m about to make that plum crumble (when she’s gone to bed as a little surprise!!) and you know what? I’m having so much fun.

So how can you make your Mothers Day just as Flabulous? Well if I’ve learned one thing over the last couple of years it’s that life is too short! So my one piece of advise to you is simple….

This year, if you can, give your Mum something utterly Flabulous for Mothers Day – give her Your time!!


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