Poor Mans Croque Monsieur

I’m hungover again, although its not so much a massive weekend buster but more of a wobbler so I really want to eat something comforting but easy to prepare. I’m not sure about you but I love the idea of croque Monsieur but those that I have had, usually from train stations, have always been a bit ‘meh!’

It got me thinking about something I made up when I first left home that I’ve gradually adapted over the years. It started as a way of stretching the cheese I had to make more cheese on toast but it kinda stuck!! Over the years extras have been added so now it’s no longer cheese on toast but something on a whole different level. I call it poor mans Croque Monsieur which will probably get me shot by traditional foodies but its honestly delicious and FLABULOUS with tomato soup if you aren’t feeling well!!

For this I haven’t given measures as its personal taste in most cases and the number of portions your making. The more cheese you use the more mayo you may need- the cheese and onion mix should clump into a ball and not be runny so be careful as you add the mayo!

My Poor Mans Croque Monsieur

Strong grated cheddar
Diced red onion
Ham (cheap ham works well with this but whatever you prefer)
2 pieces of toast per portion

Preheat your grill
Combine the grated cheese, red onion, and mayo in a bowl
Season with pepper but no salt and mix till you get a loose ball of mix
Spread both pieces of toast with a thin layer of the cheese & onion mix
Grill until the mix bubbles and browns slightly
Lay piece of ham onto one slice and top with the other
Squeeze together till it sticks
Cut into triangles and devour!!

It’s not Croque Monsieur and it may not look as pretty but it tastes Flabulous!!



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