Now this is the way to propose…

When we got engaged, many years ago, we thought we did it in style.

We were on our first trip away together to Brighton Pride and had booked a jacuzzi suite at a posh hotel, using a discount site, so we thought we were the dogs doodahs! We hadn’t been together long and were very loved up so we put together a hamper of strawberries and chilled Prosecco, bought silver meditation rings in the lanes, got down on one knee (yes both of us) and proposed, as we went into the park.

We spent the rest of the incredibly sunny day sitting in the middle of Preston Park, drinking Prosecco and eating strawberries as if no one else was there. Friends drifted over and spent time with us, all around us people partied hard, went on funfair rides and danced, but we never moved. It was a perfect moment.

It was one of the most memorable days of my life, so much so that we moved to Brighton, had our civil partnership here and even had Prosecco and strawberries at our wedding.

I honestly thought we had the whole proposal lark pretty much bang to rights…

until I saw this….

I’m sorry but this wedding proposal is truly Flabulous!!


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