Easter delights…..

It’s that time of year again which I always think of as my little surprise celebration!

You see with Birthdays-I always know where I am! Christmas is easy, December 25th – Prep starts in November!! But Easter is the most wonderful of celebrations for me as you never know quite when it’s going to happen!! It’s like a gorgeous little surprise between Christmas and our birthdays (both in may) and usually it signals the start of the warmer weather!! I say usually because its snowing in much of Britain as we speak!!

20130328-111451.jpgSo what does the Easter celebration entail for us? Well it would be rude not to admit that for us it’s all about chocolate eggs because these are what Easter has been all about most of our lives. From my earliest days I remember counting the number of eggs we got, size didn’t matter,it was all about the number, and then into my teen years when it was the mugs that were important!!

Next in my student life the Creme egg came into its own (cheap but let people know you cared!) until I moved onto my adult life proper when I started to go upmarket. It all started with Thorntons who still make one of the only fab diabetic friendly eggs. I then moved onto the gorgeous Hotel chocolat’s offerings until I finally had the budget to luxuriate in choccywoccydoodahs divine creations…

As I’ve got older however, and developed diabetes, I’ve had to be more creative with my Easter solutions. I’ve also got more Eco aware so this year all family are having the same limited packaging eggs from Cadbury. They still get the same amount of chocolate, without the useless cardboard!! As for us this year, we got an egg from my mum but I’m going to get creative with real eggs. I started to look for inspiration on Pinterest and have put together an inspiration board. Here are some of the highlights…





I love all these options, for their simplicity as much as their creativity but I think as we live in the real, world where white eggs are as likely to be seen in our house as a unicorn, we are going to go with the last option as its truly simple yet quite stunning!!

So as for the day itself. We can’t afford much this year but I do have a half leg of lamb in the freezer so I’m going to do a roast as we will likely spend Saturday night commiserating over the fact that we can’t go home this Easter so a nice slow roast on a Sunday will be much easier to manage with a hangover.

Have a Flabulous Easter all xxxx


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