I don’t remember getting home from Brighton Pride!!

20130804-094418.jpgI cannot believe we disconapped through most of The party!!!

After a truly alcoholic Friday night out, getting really ‘proud’ and a Saturday morning gym session (for the Dazzler, I read a book) we looked at the weather, which was a little overcast and decided to have a little disconap to give us a boost for the day and night ahead.

Fast forward 6 hours and the realisation hit….we were bloody late AGAIN. Frantic preparations ensued, involving Lots of swearing, champagne, smoked salmon and olives (imagine the opening scene of four weddings but with nibbles!!)

30 minutes later and the cab was booked, and could get to us in 5 minutes!! I’m not sure how but we managed to get our arses in gear, get ready, not forget anything, eat, drink, shower, stop at cash points AND make it to the park for Alison Moyet, all within an hour!!


The rest of the day is a suitable blur, involving paying for overpriced drinks, not eating, buying stuff we would never usually…including these amazing wristbands from DitchTheLabel , which were just Flabulous, and generally doing what you do at a festival.

The weather was amazing and the people really nice. We didn’t see any nastiness and the event was really well managed. We even made it to see Paloma faiths set and the finale which was suitably camp!!


Other Highlights of the day included the funfair, a penis shaped bucking bronco, the cabaret tent, which never fails to raise a smile, the amazing marketplace, where you can buy just about anything (except good ice cream) and the main stage, which really does make a difference!!

We also got to meet up with someone I’ve wanted to meet for ages, the flabulous Candy Queens who don’t just make amazing candy floss but manage to look fantabulous even at the end of a long day!!

3 hours after arriving and it was time to leave the park and wend our way down to saint James street for the street party. This was where things got blurry and I’m sure we did a pub crawl, I remember chatting to random strangers like old friends, sitting on a step outside someone’s house (sorry) and NOT weeing in the street.

I couldn’t find our mates or vintage scoops who were at a street party but I did manage to get this pic, which sums up pride for us. Strangers photo bombing a pic, crowded streets, Brighton’s big wheel and a car seemingly suspended in mid air (did we mention how bad the parking was in Brighton)


As the title suggests the night just kept getting blurrier, but as the saying goes if you can remember Brighton Pride, you weren’t really there!!!

Next stop….Day Three, and more of the same….



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