A tURLy wonderful gift!!!

The Dazzler just got me a truly wonderful gift yesterday!!

He wanted to thank me for all the support I’d given him in the months coming up to his tribunal (he didn’t need to…I love him) but as a DBag chocolates are out, and to be honest so are most other exciting things!!

So what did my wonderful husband get me? Flowers? A weekend away? Clothes? Not him. He’s only gone and got me a new home!!

Now before you get excited he’s not got a huge payout or anything, the home he’s got me is my own URL!!

So from now on My Flabulous Blog is coming to you from myflabulousblog.com !!

Thank you Dazzler for getting me my new homexxxx


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  1. RogueGirl says:

    Well now he is just a wee bit of flaubulous, isn’t he?! Aww Dazzler, you are a gem! xxx

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