Day Five – Fishcakes and Salad

Ok I’ll admit, tonight was a challenge!! We went out for our work offsite today which ended in a free bar, and continued on for HOURS. This meant that being in the middle of Brighton with access to all those takeways was almost too much for me to bear!

But as luck would have it my bus came along so it was the thought of kebab and a 40 minute wait in the rain verses comfy journey home in 20 minutes which saved me from myself!! So whilst on the bus home a quick call to the Dazzler requesting that he pop the fish & company filled Fishcakes into the oven ensured that I’d have my dinner in takeway speed.

It wasn’t even a recipe, just a couple of Fishcakes, a bag of salad, some cherry tomatoes and a squeeze of lemon and I was off!!! Fishcakes out the oven, mix the salad on the plate and squeeze lemon everywhere, even a pissed uppers on could do its!!

So that’s it, 5 days of eating no takeout completed, I’m making bean chilli tomorrow (recipe elsewhere on the blog) which should last me a couple of meals!!

Have a FLABULOUS weekend

Jimbob xxx


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