Meatloaf Memories of our Disneymoon

One of our favourite memories of our honeymoon was the meal we had at the 50s Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood studios. The atmosphere and general retro ambience really made an impact and even gave us ideas for our ice cream van!!

We went a couple of times and one of our favourite meals was the meatloaf. After years of trying other peoples versions I decided to give it a bash last night… and OMG was it a real blast from the past!!

1 large onion, finely chopped
Large squirt of garlic
2 tbs dried parsley
1 tbs chopped thyme
450g minced beef
450g minced pork
1 large egg
75g breadcrumbs
1 tsp mustard powder
2 tbs Worcestershire sauce
8 slices streaky bacon or pancetta
Tsp each of salt & pepper


Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 4
Very Finely chop the onion (I use the attachment on my stick blender)
Add the onion, garlic & herbs into a bowl & mix,
Next add the minces & egg & combine with a wooden spoon.
Add the breadcrumbs, mustard, Worcester & salt & pepper and thoroughly mix
Either spoon the mixture into a large loaf tin or, as I did, shape into individual loaves and wrap in bacon (If using the loaf tin then simply top the loaf with the bacon)
Pop into the oven and cook for just over an hour (if you are making one large loaf then cook for another 15 mins)

We served with creamy mash & spring greens and smothered the sliced meatloaf with ketchup !! And before you ask, Yes that is the Dazzlers portion with Way too much creamy mash and not enough greens, mine was much more balanced ;0)



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