Rainy days and Mondays always bring me down

We’ve had a great time with the kids so far, Friday was all about the Easter egg cake and yesterday we actually made it to the beach for a picnic but it was hit and miss with the weather so we didn’t stay too long. Movie night was a blast with homemade popcorn, hotdogs & nachos and we even had some adult fun with parrot bay frozen Mojitos!!

Today on the other hand is raining. And I’m not talking the little spitting that makes it tricky to plan what to do. I’m talking full on rain storms, so it’s kinda kiboshed our plans to hit town for the Easter bonnet and drag race and we are trying to replan on the fly.

There have been some high points today. The kids loved their eggs and I got a gorgeous Thorntons no added sugar gift bag which has introduced me to their NAS Turkish delight (divine) and vanilla fudge (divine2) and even the doggies got in on the action with carob eggs (thank you R xx)

So here we are in our PJs eating chocolate and thinking about rearranging the day. Anything under cover is going to be packed so we have decided that, unless we want a day of monopoly (Essex version) all day, we are going to venture out to see whether the weather has stopped the drag race, followed by an indoor Easter egg hunt and then late lunch.

Let’s cross everything that it’s nicer weather tomorrow!!


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