We go together like…. (Or what are your food foibles?)

A while back I posed a question to my colleagues. I asked them whether Yorkshire pudding should be the preserve of the roast beef dinner or whether it could be much more versatile than that. Many believe that “anything goes” but a few, myself included, believe that, as it’s a combination that works, why mess with it.

It got me thinking and I realised that I had really set views on foods that should and shouldn’t go together. So I’ve started to compile the list of my ‘food foibles’ with the hope that you, dear reader, will shed some light on my fixation and maybe let me know some of yours…

Yorkshire puddings– I LOVE Yorkies BUT I don’t think they belong with anything other than roast beef. The whole pleasure I get from Yorkies is that it means I’m having beef (or on rare occasions toad in the hole but that’s a whole different post.)

Stuffing– I wouldn’t dream of having Stuffing with beef or lamb. It belongs with turkey, chicken or pork!! (White meats) as it really compliments the sometimes dry nature of these meats.

Pigs in blankets and cranberry sauce, nothing evokes the spirit of Xmas for me more than this combination with turkey and the thought of having these with anything else just feels wrong to me. (I even have problems having lingonberry jam with meatballs at Ikea)

Mint sauce – belongs with lamb, it just doesn’t work with any other meat for me. As you don’t get anything else with Lamb it’s like a sensory queue for me that I’m having it. The Dazzler and I totally disagree on this as a roast isn’t a roast for him without mint sauce.

Breaded/ battered fish– ok now I get weird. To me if I’m having battered fish it needs to be with Salty, vinegary chunky chips, mushy peas and ketchup. Breaded fish on the other hand should be accompanied by mashed potato frozen peas and, if I’m lucky, parsley sauce.

Lasagne – I get really angry when I see lasagne and chips on menus at pubs. Lasagne is a pasta and so should NEVER Be served with chips. Salad yes, garlic bread yes, but chips never!!!

Full cooked breakfast – should never include baked beans. Bacon, egg, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, black pudding, etc are all acceptable options but I simply draw the line at baked beans. I don’t even know where his has come from because my mum loves them but it’s yet another combination that just doesn’t work for me.

As you can see I have some really defined ideas as to what I think are acceptable food combinations. I know this probably makes me sound like a real loon but I am genuinely interested in hearing whether I am alone in this madness or if, like me, you have similar foibles.

So feel free to drop me a comment below on what your food foibles are or just leave me feedback on what you think of mine…

Jimbob xx


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