UKIP- so how bad was it?

As I may have mentioned in previous blogs and all over twitter I’ve been really worried about the ‘rise’ of UKIP over the previous months. So much so that both the Dazzler and I, who have been heartened by the progress made in the name of equality, have actually been scared for our future.

Dramatic I know but comparisons have been made to the rise of Nazism in Germany and look how well that went!! Coupled to this the successes of other far right groups around Europe and it’s successfully made me into a political animal.

So just how bad has it got?

The below blog post gives a great account of actually what UKIP have gained and whilst the apathy of British voters is nothing to be proud of, the news in the UK at least is not so bad!!

So, not as bad as may have been represented in the media but still huge alarm bells should be ringing in people’s heads for next years general election!!


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