My favourite easy breakfast sarnie- toasted bacon and tomato

We’ve all been there. In a rush, want something satisfying yet naughty but don’t want the guilt. I was in exactly this position this morning and really needed to get to the shops and then I remembered a sandwich I haven’t made myself in a long time- my toasted bacon and tomato special.

It’s not a recipe as such but it is delicious and really substantial and can be made in minutes. My only advice is use the best ingredients you can get. A really red yet firm tomato, quality smoked bacon, and gorgeous wholemeal bread. The only other ingredients are black pepper and a dash of Worcester sauce

All you need to do is heat up the griddle pan and add 2 rashers of back bacon to get its natural fats going. Slice the tomato in half, then give each half a grind of black pepper and add middle side up into the pan.

When it’s time to flip the bacon, also flip the tomatoes then leave them to finish cooking in the griddle pan/grill whilst you slice the bread and pop it in the toaster. You could griddle the bread too, which would give you a gorgeous flavour but would then mean waiting which is something I’m not good at!!

When everything is cooked it’s time for assembly. Gently mash the tomato into one side of toast then add another grind of pepper and a dash of Worcester sauce. Top with the bacon and other piece of toast et voila, a masterpiece made in minutes, with no processed ketchup but full on juicy flavour.

I’ve already eaten mine and didn’t get a pic, but I’m sure I’ll be making more tomorrow and will remember to snap it then.



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