Review: Fritz Brighton

OMG Currywurst

Seriously though Currywurst

Whoever invented Currywurst is a Genius

…and German obviously.

OK so I must admit to being probably a tad overexcited about this but seriously I have had my eyes opened to a totally new experience this week. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that curry is not my thing. Sausages on the other hand – well thats a whole different story!

I liked the look of Fritz even before it opened. Its got a cool funky vibe and I remembered snapping a pic of the ‘opening soon’ poster to remind me to try it out when it did.

Fritz is bought to us by the guy that does the bratwurst stall at the xmas markets in Brighton every year, so he knows his market and his sausage!! He has opened up at what was first a Chinese takeaway and then for a short time a chip shop in Cranbourne Street, Brighton. Earlier this week I popped along to get some lunch.

The venue looked great with a modern but inviting vibe,lots of wood and brushed steel with seating inside and out.  The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. They are obviously passionate about their product and helped me navigate my way through the menu

The Menu is interesting – obviously sausage based – but with some cool twists thrown in for good measure. As well as about 5 different types of sausage they also serve Schnitzel, which I have yet to try,  a whole host of toppings & extras as well as Poutine – a Canadian dish, made with chips and cheese curds, topped with a light gravy.  They even had a separate chips!!

But lets talk about the chips. Not only do they do really (and I mean REALLY) good seasoned chips. Not mass produced ‘fries’ – but chunky chips seasoned with some great flavours that I could eat on their own,  but they also do sweet potato chips and to top it all Bacon and cheese topped chips among several other options. I love more that they come in regular or gobsmacked sizes

I tried the…yes you guessed it…Currywurst as I had a hankering for chips and this option had them for a little extra. Ive never had this before and was prepared to be disappointed- as I said Im not a curry man and despite everything I’ve said this was basically sausage chips and curry sauce – it could have been dire!

It was FANTABULOUS. Seriously the chips were crispy outside and fluffy inside, The (in my case smoked) sausage, chopped into bitesize chunks (with this cool little machine) and the sauce (there were two types – i went with the sweeter less spicy of the two) was a perfect compliment to the whole meal. Top this off with a squirt of mayo and I was in heaven.

Now this wasn’t cheap for lunch – £6.50 for the above and if you wanted a roll with your sausage and chips this could get seriously expensive – but was worth it. especially when i got a 10% off voucher for the office. Something we have already used on Friday yes you guessed it  I have now had my 2nd portion o sausage in less than a week.

The verdict – go for it. The food is great – the service excellent and the venue really nice. One of our team is German and she was really impressed by the food and its safe to say we are all likely to be regulars.

the only downsides I can see are limited options for vegetarians, cash only at present and Fritz really need to get an online presence – they have a great product and a great brand and now just need to tell people about it.

As for me – I’m going to try poutine next as I’ve always wondered what it would be like!! A lot like this…


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  1. René says:

    Hi James; this is “Fritz”….could you do me a favor please!? Can you please pop in as soon as you can and get a lunch for free please!
    I really appreciate your time spent on this looking comment- and first class comment.
    Have many thanks and please get in as soon as you can!


    1. Hi there “Fritz”

      Thanks so much for the offer – its been a guilty pleasure visiting you regularly since I wrote this review. I’ve even got our whole office in on the act on several occasions.

      Ill be back in to see you soon

      Flabulousblogger xx

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