The week after surgery – is all about the dinners

The thing about Purée is that it’s just plain boring.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hungry and I have to remind myself to eat, but it’s the ‘what’ not the ‘why’ that I’m having problems adjusting to.

What’s worse is that I know that the medical professionals aren’t being mean. This isn’t ‘hah you’ve knackered your body so see how baby’s survive for a month’ it’s all about letting your tummy heal and getting it ready for taking more solid foods in, but it really doesn’t change the fact that life is dull on the purée diet.

As I was off work I spent the rest of week one thinking of innovative ways to make food interesting, without going off track and damaging my new tummy (it gets called a pouch but I just hate that term so new tummy it is).

I had the same breakfast everyday, Protein weetabix with sugar free maple syrup and milk which wasn’t that bad. For lunches I had tinned soups high in protein – lentil and bacon, pea and ham and chicken were all good – and used my dinner times to try and get some variety in.

Dinners were…

Corned beef mash and beans

This has the benefit of not needing blitzing. I just heated the corned beef and handed to hot mash mixing everything together but made sure the beans were well mashed. I used Sainsbury’s reduced sugar and salt beans here and the result was very palatable. I shared the tip with my surgery buddies all of whom have tried it.

Fish pie and mushy peas (again)

I had frozen a batch so just went with the fish pie already mixed with the mash just to use it up. This has a really nice smoked flavour as I used lots of smoked haddock so appealed to my savoury side. Mushy peas are amazing. A can lasted me two weeks once decanted in the fridge and just needed a further mashing with a fork to make sure no hard bits.

Bolognese with extra cheese

This was another freezer batch but it is one of my favourites. By grating in loads of cheese and focusing on the deep flavours from the sauce I made before surgery you almost forget it’s blitzed. I’ll be honest that I probably ate this too fast but YOLO.

Chicken in white sauce with mash and mushy peas

I cheated here and got a can of princes chicken in white sauce, seasoned well, added some mustard and blitzed. This was ok but not my finest hour culinary wise. It filled a gap, it didn’t taste great and put me off chicken for now but hey it hit the protein spot. I ended up throwing the rest of the tin out.

So what did I learn?

By the end of week one I was craving anything with texture. I was even looking longingly at skips and admit to sucking a pombear at least once.

I snacked on LOTS of soft cheese, triangles, squares, Boursin, smoked Austrian, I was a complete cheese slut by the end of week one. Dont get me wrong I would have a tiny portion at a time but at least they met my craving for variety.

I was also saved on more than one occasion by skyr yogurt packs from Lidl. These were great as I could get a snack in when I needed without really trying. I also bought way too many jellies and have to remember to have one a day.

Overall food wise week one wasn’t hell, it just wasn’t very inspiring but I was ready for that and on the plus side I lost 3/4 of a stone and dropped into my teens weighing in at 19st 7lb!!

Winner winner Chicken Dinner!!


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