My big fat summer staycation!!

2012 was a fantastic year for events!! We had the Queens Jubilee, the Olympics and Lulu the ice cream vans maiden gig… Well 2 out of 3 wasn’t bad!!

We spent the late spring obeying doctors orders relaxing and making trips up to Essex where Lulu was undergoing major renovations and spent the early summer shopping for the van, testing ice cream and generally getting our business up and running.

I kept myself busy, I wouldn’t go near my laptop and had a mental block about anything work related, I avoided difficult issues but in the end it became apparent that Lulu wasn’t going to be ready any time soon….

So we spent the rest of the summer chill axing, spent a week with our niece and nephew, went on a holiday that we booked last year and generally enjoyed the summer. Then came the day we had been waiting for….

Lulu was coming home!!!


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