2012 the year of the business that never was

We finally got Lulu down to Brighton, settled into her new home and prepared for our first gig, Brighton Pride! Which this year was in early September. That week had to be one of the most stressful of my life! We couldn’t get Lulu running till the last minute, hadn’t got the stock till the morning of pride and finally tuned up, with bunting, ice cream and drinks for thousands to find out that our water supply wasn’t working and we were about to be inspected by the health and safety team.

All through the week the Dazzler had been my saviour, he’d been calm, supportive and was battling severe back problems to get us there, but without water we couldn’t trade, we couldn’t be assessed and we’d just spent £1000 on ice cream, and then it started to rain!!!!

I snapped! I told the Dazzler that we had to go so he turned Lulu round and we sped away….all the way to the traffic lights!!! We were stuck on a one way system on a hill on one of the busiest days of the year, and couldn’t move Lulu!! Thanks to a group of fantastic people we finally made it up the hill and back to the farm where we stowed away Lulu, turned on our heels and ran back home to lick our wounds….NOT my best hour!!

2 days later we were back at the farm with the mechanic who took Lulu away to tinker with her!!
2 weeks later Lulu was back, we had another gig to get to so started to prepare and things felt much more positive!! Whilst lulu wasn’t perfect, she was going!!!

On the day of the event we packed Lulu up, polished her and set off, making it all the way to the dual carriageway and one of the busiest roundabouts in the area before she broke down again, going round the roundabout!!! Thanks again to the kindness of strangers we made it back to the farm and the bewildered look of our ice cream providers who couldn’t believe we did it again!!

That was it, My final straw, I cancelled all further events for the year, moving some to other vans and apologising to others and retreated to the house, to the TV and to FOOD, after all we had £1000 of gorgeous ice cream to get through!!


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