I lost weight over Xmas!!!

I couldn’t believe it!!

I had a great Xmas where I didn’t have to organise it all thanks to the Dazzlers mum. For those of you that know me, that’s a big thing as I’ve been organising Xmas for years, even before I had my own home. I can still remember as a kid packing our stockings cause my mum was ill and making pheasant and filo crackers as a starter….yes let’s just say I LOVE Xmas.

Xmas was a small and very relaxing affair, with lots of available food & drink and lots of WALKIES with the dogs so I was really not looking forward to getting back to the scales when we got home!! I even put it off till the next morning so I was as light as I could be but I needn’t have bothered…I could not believe that I’d lost 2lb and I really hadn’t cut back on anything whilst I was there.

NYE is my brothers birthday, and this year was a big one, 40, and he wasn’t looking forward to it, so we all agreed to surprise him on the morning of his birthday with a small family gathering. I was great, watching him open his presents, he got an iPad, and fantastic to see our nephew, Rufus, who is a real character.

As we had to leave early my brothers wife made us some sarnies for the journey home and my brother offered me a pork pie, which I didn’t actually want in any case, but my mum jumped in with, “James can’t have that, he’s on a diet” I politely informed her that I wasn’t in fact on a diet (I love her, she’s my mum, so I couldn’t be rude)

It really drove home how much of an impact our families have on how we look at food. I’ve always been the “big” brother in our family and my mum has always looked out for my weight, she was even a slimming world consultant for a while, but I realise that I have had to change how I manage my relationship with food and not rely on someone else to do it for me. I think it’s the reason why slimming classes don’t work for me!!

Even after the New Years revelling, when I really didn’t cut back on alcohol or the obligatory kebab, I’d still managed to lose a lb!! i guess for me, everything was about moderation and i guess Walking really was the key to getting fit for me!!

No New Years resolutions this year, why set myself up to fail??

Roll on 2013!!!


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