So this is it….

So I guess that about brings us up to date….

It’s 2013 and I’ve so far lost 2 stone with lots still to go. I’m walking daily, sometimes only short walks but always a walk.

I’ve had good days, great days and bad days. The other night the Dazzler and I decided to go for a night out, and for the first time since I don’t know when I didn’t feel like the fattest person in the club. Don’t get me wrong I probably was but I didn’t feel that way….I felt FLABULOUS.

Yesterday was a bad day, it takes me a lot longer to get over going out and yesterday was a weak day when my walk took me to the shops to buy essentials and some junk, cause we are both feeling fragile, it’s snowing and we don’t need to be anywhere. So I came back with biscuits, chocolate and sweets, all the stuff I shouldn’t be eating, but more importantly……no crisps!!

What’s different this time is that I recognised it for what it was….a bad day!! Before I would have done one of two things. Either given up or guilted myself into eating salad for a week then get pissed off when I still hadn’t lost weight, en given up!!

So I spose I’ve changed already!! I certainly didn’t want to continue eating the junk today, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it either!!


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