If you do that you’ll go blind….

Had some tough news when I went to my annual diabetic eye test….my retinopathy is fine but I may be either developing a cataract or scarring may have reduced my vision, but either way it’s likely I’ll need glasses!!!

I found myself in Asda and there in front of me is the opticians. I checked myself in for an eye test and the optician was really friendly, until she examined my dodgy eye. It’s so funny how generally socially adept people find such difficulty in breaking bad news. This poor optician went from laughing and joking to being deadly serious. She ran some more tests, she redid the original tests, and then she finally plucked up the courage to broach the cataract word.

The look of abject relief on her face was almost comical when I told her I’d already had the diagnosis and knew that glasses would be fine for now but that I’d need an operation down the line. Had I been thinking straight I would have warned her, but as it was, my mind was elsewhere, I needed to pick up some chicken breasts on my way out!!!

It did make me think though, how the amount of information we choose to share with people does affect our relationship with them. I’m hoping in sharing this with people who I care about they might understand more fully why I’m sometimes such a numpty, it’s probably that I’m thinking about food!!!

Anyhow my glasses just arrived so thought I’d share how cool (sic) I look in them….



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