It’s never easy!!

Well it’s been a week since my last post and its been a mixed bag. On the one hand I’ve had an interview confirmed for a cool job, which would mean a change in plans but would swell the coffers!! On the other hand it’s been a bad week for diet and exercise!!

I’m currently 3 lbs heavier than last week and that’s down to not enough exercise combined with eating badly! I blame Jack and Daniel as they convinced me to spend far too much time in the pub!! This also left me hungover too many days this week which has meant I haven’t felt like walking, but it’s a blip and I’ll get over it!!

Yesterday I took control and made Fish Pie with lots of veggies and plum and amaretti crumble with very limited sugar and had a proper meal rather than eating junk!!



And today it’s back to the grindstone, I’m going for a long walk, going to carry the shopping home rather than take the bus and get my heart rate beating in all the right places. After all I must look good for my interview!!

I have mixed thoughts about the interview, I’m genuinely excited about the opportunity as it sounds like a great challenge, but at the same time it does mean that the business will need to take a back seat for me, leaving the Dazzler to run things on his own!!

Weight – 23 stones
Exercise – not enough this week!
Drinkies – how many units is too many?
Feeling – not quite flabulous!!


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