Today just got…..Flabulous!!

Today started well….

I got up early, for a change, and had a healthy breakfast, walked the doggies and got on the scales to find that extra love handle I put on over the weekend has gone again!!

Today was Dentist day, and let me start this by saying Dentists and I do not get on!! I always have panic attacks in the chair and choke on the instruments and today I was having new fillings and a crown preparation so was dreading what was going to happen.

I needn’t have worried! My dentist, who is a complete star, explained everything that was going to happen and the hour passed without too much fuss, I got upgraded to a white filling (yay) and only needed half a crown (double Yay) so all was well in the world!!

We got home to the equal marriage debate in full swing in the Houses of Parliament (on TV not in our living room) and I was equally heartened and saddened at the comments made by some people. Highlights were some of the heartfelt speeches by happily married straight people who couldn’t see why this was even being debated. The epic fail award has to go to one members insistence that it was Adam and Steve in the Garden of Eden not Adam and Eve (if you are going to use an old quote, at least get it right!!)

I must admit to watching the whole debate with a sense of morbid curiosity. After living through Thatchers England I did not hold out much hope for the bill getting passed, after all I couldn’t believe our luck when the age of consent was equalised, or when civil partnerships were approved!! This I felt was going to be a step too far!!

Isn’t it awful that I feel like I should be grateful for what we have? I mean I AM lucky!! I have a great “husband”, we live in a nice home, on the whole our families and neighbours accept us and we live in a society which doesn’t persecute us for being who we were born to be. So I am grateful for what we have but does that mean I shouldn’t want more?

So I started to think exactly why it is important to me that we have the opportunity to get married and I came up with this list…

I want to call the Dazzler my Husband not my “husband”
I want to tick the Married Box on forms
I want my mother not to have to stumble over the words “civil partnership” when she talks about us
I want the chance to “get married”
I want another honeymoon!!

That’s it, it’s not much, it’s not groundbreaking or going to turn your worlds upside down, but it does mean a lot to me and to us. So I want to take this opportunity to thank the 400 MPs who voted for marriage equality, I’d even like to thank David Cameron for showing us he has got the balls to go against his parties sensibilities (more conservatives voted against than for the bill) and I hope the bill goes through so that when people ask are you in a civil partnership We can say No, we are…



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