My Flabulous News Update…

This is my first round up of news that has caught my eye is week. Each week ill be giving an update on news that has been important to me. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I thought it was better to do it all at once, rather than bombarding you every time I see something that makes an impression…

20130330-105511.jpgEqual marriage
Anyone who has been near the Internet, a newspaper, or even glancing at a TV cannot fail to have noticed that equal marriage is the news story this week. With America debating the pros and cons of equal marriage both in government and the media it really has highlighted the polarised opinions of both broadcasters and legislators alike. The good news however is that polls suggest that more people are for than against

20130330-104638.jpgRIP Richard Griffith
An iconic actor who impressed in global hits from the History Boys to Harry Potter but will be remembered by me as the wisecracking, irreverent detective/chef in Pie in the Sky- a true British gem which cast him as a gastronome who truly was a chef in the kitchen and a copper at the crime scene. Another of Britain’s great talents has sadly left us!!

20130330-113408.jpgBrighton Food Festival
Is a bit of an institution for me. The festival of all things foodie happens in spring and autumn and although spring is less busy it still attracted nearly 60,000 people last year. This year, thanks to the weather, it did seem less busy but there are still plenty of people munching through the best that Sussex had to offer. As well as fab food there is loads to do, from live demos from chefs, to a kids food festival and even a sample dish tour of local restaurants and the usual cook offs with local competitors all aiming to produce the best cakes, cocktails and ice-creams. A fab way to celebrate Easter in my opinion.

20130330-110155.jpgAnd lastly….The weather!!
What can I say that hasn’t already been said about the weather in Britain at the moment. We have snowstorms at the same time of year that we had a heat wave last year and its looking likely that this bad patch could continue till the end of April. Are we ever going to be able to get out there and sell ice creams?


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