Struggling for inspiration

Ive been struggling for inspiration for a while and as its impacted on my blogging over the last couple of weeks thought its time I fessed up!!

Several things have contributed to my general lack of inspiration….

Our van, Lulu, is not playing ball and we have had to have her whole engine rebuilt which is using up the last of our savings and then some. This has meant that I can’t really confirm any of the loads of gigs that we are being asked to attend, and makes planning anything difficult. It also means we don’t get the much needed practice time with her that we would like.

I kinda stalled on the whole get fit thing. I had a blip and then got back to my original weight loss but then stuck there for a while, and then the walking stopped. We started to become real apathetic couch potatoes and I started to feel depressed which meant eating the wrong things etc etc and the cycle carried on.

This apathy spilled into other areas of home life. I’ve had a mental block with the hall/ staircase in our home forever. We are pretty much there with every other room but our hall is an embarrassment. It’s not been painted despite having bought the paint 2 years ago and the stairs have no carpet as we’ve been meaning to paint or strip them forever. We even have LOADS of pictures to hang but I never have because I was waiting till it got painted.

So how am I tackling this lack of inspiration? believe it or not Pinterest gave me the kick up the butt I needed. I saw a look I liked and thought ‘we could do that’ I started small, printing off some ideas I liked and trying them in the space and have settled on a theme…it’s going to be ‘family and home’ so it becomes a very welcoming space!! I’m waiting for the last coat of paint to dry as I type and I’ve even started to research other little things that will make our house feel more like a home.

I’m more philosophical about the getting fit. I’ve taken it that my body was getting used to my weight loss, so now it’s time to go for the next target!! This week I bit the bullet and started walking in the gorgeous sunshine. I’ve managed 3 out of the last 4 days to walk farther than I ever had before and am now leading the dogs instead of catching up with them!! I’ve even registered through my GP at the gym. Not only does that mean I get monitored but also for 3 months it’s subsidised so I save money!! I have my first appointment with an instructor in 2 weeks.

Lulu is harder! LickyLikey has been my dream forever and I’ve taken so many knocks over the last year and a bit that I just want to be out there making people smile with ice cream!! I’ve had to be honest though and the Dazzler and I have agreed that I should try and get a job so that he can focus on Lulu and I’ll help out at the bigger gigs and with marketing. This is really difficult as Lulu was primarily my dream but if we want LickyLikey to be the success I know it can be we need to be realistic that my skill set will bring in more money than Dazzlers. I have a couple of interviews next week, both for jobs I’d actually like doing but will still mean I’m not too exhausted to help the Dazzler at the weekend!!

Wish me luck xx


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