Anyone else remember…

Sitting patiently with a pen and paper watching Blue Peter to get the competition address….and never quite getting it

Collecting a crayon set from school by NOT putting them back at the end of the day (sorry Mr Beaumont)

Writing in to Jim’ll Fix it asking to be on Buck Rogers and wondering why you didn’t get a reply

Getting Milk AND biscuits at school

Gold and Silver Crayola Crayons!! The Holy Grail!!


Walking to and from school, without supervision and not having a police search launched when you got distracted playing in the playground on the way home

When playgrounds weren’t fenced in!!

Those really long slides with a cage at the top!!

Staying up ‘late’ to watch Hart to Hart

Laughing at a girl getting hit with a board rubber because your best mate ducked when your teacher threw it at him for misbehaving. (Ner ner ne ner ner Mrs Fisher!!)

No one you knew had a computer!!

Queuing for a phonebox and giving up waiting!!

Going on adventures on your bikes in the sun

Playing British Bulldog in the playground

When Doctor Who was really Scary!!

Square ice cream cones!!!!

If you remember any of the above you were probably a kid in the 70s or 80s and had a FAB childhood!!!

Keep being FLABULOUS!!


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