I’ve applied for a job!!!

I have to be honest here that this wasn’t the way I planned my life going after I bade farewell to the corporate life last year but we have had a long talk and realistically we are running out of money. Lulu, no matter how much we love her, is a money pit and if we want any chance of a sustainable long term business with her we need to up the anti in the investment department.

Applying for a job is a big change for me. You see when I first started out in my working life it was in public sector in a very similar role, and as time went on I kinda fell into the more corporate roles that I ended up with. I’ve never been someone with a 5 or 10 year plan and so as different opportunities came up, I went with the flow. I never actually sought out new jobs, they just kind of came to me!!

The problem with going with the flow, however, is that sometimes you can be a victim of your own success!! You start out doing something you enjoy, are great at it and people recognise your talent. It starts off with extra responsibility here or a new job title there, but before you know it, you don’t recognise the job you do, or yourself.

My mum bought it home to me the other day when I told her about dipping my toe back into the world of working for someone else. She said…”Just make sure its something you love doing, you look so much happier now than you did when you worked in London. You even look younger!!”

That was it!! I knew that I didn’t just want any old job as I really wanted to make the next move something I would enjoy doing. So I applied for a job working with an organisation that helps people who’ve been out of work for a while find new opportunities. Is it glamorous? is it trendy? does it pay well? No to all of the above!! Will I enjoy doing it? Yes, in a big way!!

This job isn’t exactly what I expected to be doing but it does use the skills I’ve learned along the way and will give me a real sense of satisfaction!! But it does mean that the Dazzler is going to be very busy scooping ice cream!!

So wish me luck, and if you are planning any life changes then remember above all else to make sure that any change leaves you feeling FLABULOUS!!


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  1. Rachel says:

    Good luck! Took me 8.5 months to find the right job after being made redundant, pay’s a lot less but no stress & I love the way it’s given me a perfect life balance plus I actually enjoy what I do & who I work with!

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