The BEST chocolate cheesecake I’ve EVER had

I was at a barbecue at the weekend and had THE BEST chocolate cheesecake I’ve ever eaten. So much so that I had to beg for the recipe. The best news is, I couldn’t believe how easy it was, so I had to share….

The cake base…
1 pack of Chocolate Bourbon biscuits
Melted butter to bind

The cheese…
2 x tubs of choccy Philadelphia
1 x tub marscapone
A flake
Put the bourbons in a blender (or mash em in a tea towel) Then mix with small quantity of melted butter to bind. Lastly press into the base of a springform tin and chill till hard.

Mix together the choccy Philly (don’t be silly) and marscapone till fully combined. Pile onto base and allow to chill for an hour, take out and sprinkle flake bits on and chill for a further hour minimum


Honestly, simply divine!! In fact I’d go as far as to say…..



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  1. seriousbacon says:

    That chocolate cheesecake looks pretty amazing! If you want to try something else equally as amazing then you can check this out!

    Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

    250g Butter
    250g dark Chocolate
    5 Eggs
    250g sugar
    125g Self raising flour
    500g cream cheese
    375g White chocolate

    Combine the butter, white chocloare and dark chocolate and melt whisk the eggs with the sugar, mix the cream cheese, combine all ingrediants and fold in the flour. Cook for 45minutes at 180

    This is a chefs secret recipe, so dont tell the whole world 😀

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