Never be afraid to change direction…

New month, new job, new direction

It’s all new here!! Last month I posted about needing to find a new job. I can’t believe that less than a month later things have changed so dramatically. I’m now head of Talent for a digital marketing agency, working in Brighton, my commute is 20 minutes – and I walk!!

When I started looking I will admit I was settling. We needed money and working was the easiest way of getting that. I would never actually have imagined finding a job that I loved!! But that’s what happened. I went for an interview for the other job and I didn’t get it, which was a real knock back but then this job came along. Not only have I fallen into a dream job, but the place I work is full of some really great people too!!

Things I love about my new job…

The people
There is no dress code- The boss wears shorts and a Tshirt when it’s sunny
We have meetings outside
We open the beer fridge at 4pm on a Friday!!
If everyone gets their time sheets in on time we leave early on Fridays
People bring dogs to work occasionally
And most importantly of all I get a blank canvas to work with, and people who really want change!!

What about LickyLikey I hear you cry!! Is Lulu gone forever? Am I turning my back on Ice cream? Not at all!! The Dazzler is going to be running the business from now on! He is more than capable and looking forward to it and I get to help him at weekends.

So I guess the message I’m trying to get across is never be afraid of change. No matter how committed you are to a particular course there is always room for an alternate plan. This way, we get the best of both worlds- I still get to do something I love, both in the week and at weekends, and we get the security of a regular pay check!!

Keep being Flabulous!!!


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