My week of not eating sarnies…day one

So after this weekends excitement of not making sarnies I thought I should prove it can be done. Anyone who knows me will know that I had a heavy weekend and don’t do mornings so today was a real test!! But here we are just before 8 o’clock and I’m done, ready to go, with enough time to whack out this post!

So how did I do?

Well the weekend provided a change in menu for me as neither of us was up to roasting the chicken I’d defrosted!! The Dazzler had a chicken shish kebab and left half so I had that to work with. I decided to throw together the easiest recipe I could so decided on rice with it. I had frozen peppers and mushrooms in the freezer so that was it…sticky savoury rice with leftover chicken shish…

I cup rice
2 cups water
Pinch salt
Glug of liquid chicken stock
Scattering of peppers and mushrooms
Pinch dried parsley
Leftover chicken

Put the rice, water, salt and stock in the pan, Whack a lid on and bring to the boil
(do this whilst you boil the kettle for your morning cuppa)
Add in the veggies and simmer with lid on for 15 minutes.
(I used the alarm and had my breakfast)
When all liquid has been absorbed take the lid off, fluff with fork and sprinkle with parsley

Allow to cool while you get ready!! Then whack it in a lunchbox, top with chicken and you are ready to go!!

Have a Flabulous lunch!!!



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