My week of not eating sarnies…day two

Another day, another change to my menu plan!! As we didn’t eat the roast chicken at the weekend we had that last night so I thought I’d use yet more leftover chicken (this time the legs and thighs) and revisit an old favourite – Chicken with roasted veg and couscous…

A pack of mixed peppers and a red onion
A cup each of dried couscous & boiling water
Some liquid stock
Dried herbs and seasoning
Squirt of garlic
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Flaked Almonds
Leftover chicken or lamb

Put the kettle on and heat either a frying pan or griddle
Meanwhile rough chop the peppers and red onion – Add to the pan and dry fry or griddle
Put the couscous, mixed herbs, liquid stock and garlic in a lidded bowl. Pour over boiling water & mix.
Cover and leave to stand for 5 minutes By which time the veggies should be cooked so turn off the heat.
Season the couscous, add a squeeze of lemon juice & almonds then mix in the veggies
Add some leftover chicken (or lamb) and transfer to your lunchbox

Top Tip
I was cooking for 2 but still have lots of veggies leftover. You could either store these for another day or do what I’ve done in the past and use M&S frozen Mediterranean vegetables. They come ready chargrilled so you just griddle what you need from frozen!!

Hope your lunch is just as Flabulous!!


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  1. LFFL says:

    Looks really good.

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