If I see another Burger!!!!

I’m making meatballs!!

Ok, it’s Hot, it’s Sunny, and we bought the gas BBQ 2 years ago with the sole aim of evening BBQs AND we have used it more this week, then we did in 2011 and 12 combined BUT I don’t know how many ways I can make burned food taste different.

So whilst I luuuurve the BBQ when I got home tonight I opened the fridge to be greeted by another pack of posh burgers and I thought…..NO!!! Enough is enough, I can’t handle another cheesy ketchuppy bap with salad!!!

So I thought, what do I do? Those of you who know me know I don’t do waste so I did what I do best….I got creative!! I reasoned that burgers are pretty much mince, onion and seasoning (they were good ones) which is pretty much bolognese ready prepped.

But then I started working with it and it was too compacted, so I thought….meatballs, and a new favourite was born…


For the meatballs…
A pack of good burgers, defrosted if frozen
Pinch of Italian herbs
Squeeze of garlic
Pinch of smoked paprika
Pinch if chilli flakes

For the sauce…
Glug olive oil
A red onion
Jar of passatta and Tin of chopped tomatoes
Tsp of dried basil, parsley and chives
Handful of Chopped mushrooms & Frozen mixed peppers


Heat a glug of oil in a heavy bottomed pan
Mash the burgers together in a bowl with the herbs, garlic paprika and chilli flakes
Shape these into small meatballs and fry to seal in batches
Meanwhile chop the onion and mushrooms
Set the meatballs aside whilst you gently fry the onions & garlic till soft
Add in passatta, chopped toms, herbs and meatballs
Add in mushrooms and peppers and simmer whilst you make your pasta

Serve and devour…..

FLABULOUS (and not a bap in sight!!)


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