This week Ive been mostly trying Volleyball…

Well I say trying…I organised our first team night out and I did stand in the sand, but mostly I cheered, I drank, I sat with the picnic and I swore at children!!

Whilst that last bit is true, and I am ashamed that I did it, in context I didn’t see them there and at least I didn’t hit one on the head with a volleyball (you know who you are!!)

You see we’ve been having some unseasonably hot weather in the UK (anyone would think it was summer) so we thought we would make the most of it and the social committee and I got our heads together and thought the best way to make the most of it would be to do something at the beach.

Questions were asked, opinion was divided, arguments were had (that bit isn’t true) so in the end we settled on doing two of the options, BBQ and Volleyball. When I realised thatlurchosen venue was fully booked, alternatives were discussed so we ended up with volleyball and a picnic….

And it was FLABULOUS!!!

This is what our friends & family thought we were doing….

This is what we thought we were doing….

This is what we actually did….

And this is what we ended up doing….

So how did we do?

Well if I was to tell you that I got a taxi back at 2am, fell asleep in my chair and woke up with my kebab still in my hand the following morning that should give you an idea!!!



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