I’m not feeling very proud today!!

I’m sitting at my desk, planning my marriage with all the security in the world that being a British citizen gives me in 2013 and I’m appalled.

20130726-160808.jpgNot because there is still inequality in the world, nor that life is sometimes unfair, but more importantly because I’m going to have to give up my favourite Vodka!! Now you all know I love Jack and Daniel but I’ve been cheating on them with Stolli for as long as I can remember (as a healthier alternative of course) but enough is enough.

I’m not going to support an economy that not only passes blatantly anti gay laws but condones behaviour like the torturing and Outing of Gay Teens on camera. This isn’t some small nation state either – Russia makes up a huge part of the world and has the potential to negatively influence millions of lives.

Now I thought I was having a bad day , and was very “woe is me” but what I saw today sickened me and put everything into perspective. It was like an anti “It gets better” campaign. and my heart went out to all those kids that have to live this way. In what way for them will it get better in the society they live in?

Its not easy for us as individuals to think of ways that we can actively penalise a country that is behaving so despicably. There were lots of calls to ‘avoid travelling there’ (it was never a holiday destination for me) or ‘boycott the winter olympics’ (no way I can impact that either.)

But then I had a thought…There is one thing that we Gay people do amazingly!! We drink!!

I’ve never been in a Gay Bar without Vodka being one of its biggest sellers, or to a Gay Household that hasn’t got at least 2 different types of Vodka in their freezer, so you see there is a way we can all make a difference. STOP BUYING RUSSIAN VODKA
Just think if every gay bar and every gay household in the land bought Swedish or European Vodka instead, and then we encouraged all our family and friends to do the same we could bring the entire Russian vodka industry to a standstill by Wednesday!!

Don’t get me wrong, we fall into the two types of vodka category very easily (as you can see by the above pic) but still I went home at lunch and poured the last of my Russian Standard Vodka down the sink and I’ve popped a bottle of Absolut in the freezer instead and I tell you what……


so join me #dumprussianvodka and BE FLABULOUS


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  1. RogueGirl says:

    Being Finnish, and if I drank, I’d be sipping on Finlandia. That aside, I applaud you for making the move to Absolut.

    Although… I hear Grey Goose is quite good!

    1. Jimbob says:

      Oh hell, if its got a percentage (and not Russian) ill drink it!!

      And I LOVE Grey goose but out of my league price wise!!

      Thanks for the great feedback…seriously you will LOVE sweet potato fries!! AMAZEBALLS with steak & salad!!

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