Steak & chips can be healthy!!!

After a week of what feel like ‘ranty’ posts I’m back on track, although you will have noticed that I’ve been strangely quiet on the battle of the bulge front of late!

The answer is simple….. I’ve been crap!!

As I’ve been in the first couple of months of a new job Ive given myself poetic licence with my health kick and have been ignoring the fact that Im diabetic. Now all you fellow DBags out there will know this is never a good thing, but sometimes you just have to go with it!!

However I guess I’d noticed myself becoming more tired and not being able to walk as far as I used to (I’d even started taking the bus up the hill) and I’d noticed my weight creep up (I’ve put back on 8lbs) but the turning point for me was when I happily swilled down a regular soft drink because it was there…we aren’t just talking career suicide here!!

I’ve said it before and ill say it again, enough is enough!! There have been far too many take outs, far too many ‘oh just one then’ (in reality 4 or 5) and ‘oh low sugar is fiiinnnee!’ moments for comfort so Im back on the wagon. Not only have I thrown out my Russian Vodka but I’ve also given away all those ‘nearly naughty’ options that are too tempting at weak moments!! And with only a week to go till our Pride blow out weekend it’s none too soon!!

What better way to celebrate being good than by proving Diabetics can eat flabulously as well as healthily….

My steak and chips (DBag style)

The steak – get the best, fattest free, portion you can. For this reason I went for a small portion of fillet where before I would have had a massive sirloin. Now I’m not going to teach you how to suck eggs about cooking steak so just do it how you like/should, grilled or griddled with NO FAT.

The chips – now this is where you get clever. Sweet potato when cut into thick chips, tossed in fry light with a little pepper and chili flakes, can then be roasted in the oven for 45 mins until crisp and gorgeous. The trick is to give each chip enough space, and stand it on its side so as many of the edges as possible get the attention they deserve.

The salad – this should really be called the main event as it takes up over half the plate. For ease I go for a rocket & watercress salad bag because those are the flavours I like. So thats my salad base to which I add halved cherry plum tomatoes and some fresh sliced mushrooms. I then crumble a small amount of my favourite cheese (I mean tiny amount here) I go for blue cheese as a little goes a long way flavourwise then add some chopped black olives and toss in a little balsamic vinegar. Et voila!!

20130728-122803.jpgThe Important bit

Now this meal only works for DBags if you follow the proportion rules. I go for a fist of steak (when raw), a fist of chips and then fill my plate with salad. (Imagine the pic on the right with a handful of chips mixed in) That’s what works for me, so adjust for you.


No Really

Just know that if half your plate is steak and the other half chips, with a sprig of rosemary as a token to greenery (imagine the pic on the left….WRONG!!) then you are going to feel like Crap. (Oh and before you ask, Ketchup is NOT a salad dressing)

This was the first meal I’ve had in a while where I didn’t go straight into a carb coma so who said eating healthy couldn’t be FLABULOUS


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  1. RogueGirl says:

    I absolutely love you!

    Not only does this sound super yummers, it’s healthy!

    And I can’t help but giggle being called a “DBag” I’m going to work this into my daily lexicon.

    “Erika, is it true you have diabetes?”

    “Oh hells ya! You can just call me ‘DBag’ for short.”


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