It was the day before Pride and all round the house….

Nothing was stirring…not even our (Mickey) Mouse (cocktail swizzlers)

So tomorrow is Brighton Pride and preparations in the Likey Household are in full swing. I promised updates and piccies so here goes….

We both have a long weekend off, with No work till Tuesday, and were out Bright n early getting ready for tomorrow’s festivities. This involved preening and shopping!!! And although I’m not a fan of preening, I Succumbed and had my back waxed and hair truly flabulized (ok I made up that word but it’s short and fierce!!)

Next we hit our local supermarket (Grocery Store to non UK chums) where we stocked up on the essentials to get through a weekend like we are about to have. this consisted of the following….

Black cherry flavoured Jim Beam (O. M. G.)
Cherry Pepsi max (no sugar!!)
Healthy Nibbles (3 different types of houmous, crudités, olives & smoked salmon)
A crate of Prosecco (it was a bargain)
Healthy hangover food (ok it involves bacon and bread but in my defence I also bought fruit!!)
Vodka and….

Wait for it……

No seriously it’s worth the wait…..

Strawberry & kiwi flavoured own brand SUGAR FREE ‘red bull’ from Sainsburies (it’s a UK grocery store)

How had I not heard about this before??? It’s FECKIN delicious with vodka and did I mention that it is SUGAR FREE. Seriously, Ive just found my new favourite drink and what’s more…it’s Pink!!! I feel proud again!!

So we got home about 2pm and decided to celebrate being organised with a small glass of fizz, with fruit from the garden…..


After a couple more of these we had a choice. We either cracked open another bottle like sophisticated men about town, did the sensible thing and went to the gym and had a healthy meal, or moved onto our new Pride cocktail. So what do you think we did?


And yes before you ask those are Mickey Mouse swizzle sticks & straws. We got then on our honeymoon and as with everything else….

They are FLABULOUS!!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. RogueGirl says:

    Without even scrolling down, I knew this was a post from you on my “blogs I follow”

    Flabulous cocktails? Whomelse could it have been?!

    Love, love, love the straws and swizzle sticks. Have an absolutely fantastic Pride you two!


    1. Jimbob says:

      Hehheeh thank you and loving your blog too xxx

      Especially the different ways with water, really useful…

      J & Dxxxxx

      Yes I know our I initials are the same as our favourite drink xxx

      1. RogueGirl says:

        Indeed they are! Um, but black cherry Jim Beam? Is that as fantastic as it sounds?!

      2. Jimbob says:

        It’s actually a lot nicer than it sounds….but only cause I’m a cherry freak!!

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