seared tuna and carrot ‘pasta’ ribbons

I really miss Pasta sometimes but it always comatoses me when I have it at night, which is when, lets face it, we all want a comforting bowl of pasta!!

Whilst this isn’t pasta it’s bloody lovely and really fills a pasta shaped hole when you need it. And what’s more its very carb light and couldn’t be more easy…..

2 large Fresh tuna steaks
Splash of Sweet chilli sauce
Large glug of dark soy
Small squeeze garlic
Juice of a lime
Rice wine vinegar
Long, thick Carrots
Spring onions & Sugar snap peas
Flat leaf Parsley
20130807-221059.jpgMake your marinade– Mix chilli sauce, 1/2 lime juice, soy & tiny squeeze of garlic in a bowl. then Marinade the tuna for no longer than 30 minutes

Prep your salad– peel the carrots lengthways to make long wide ribbons, Slice the spring onions thinly at an angle, and chop the flat leaf parsley

Make your dressing – Mix the other 1/2 of the lime, a dash of chill sauce & a splash of rice wine vinegar

20130807-224221.jpgCook your tuna – Heat the griddle pan till its hot then Flash the tuna till its done to your liking. I like mine done a minute a side.

Assemble your meal -Toss the veggies in a bowl with the dressing, then pile onto the centre of a plate, Top with the tuna and garnish with a little more parsley



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