Healthy Fast Food comes to Brighton….Finally!!

Considering yesterday was Friday 13th it was a pretty good day for me. I’m not feeling ill anymore which is a plus, I’ve finally got organised at work ( it’s only taken three months) AND I’ve found our new favourite fast food place…. LumberjacksFood

They’ve only been open for 3 days but I saw one of their vans driving past the office so I snapped a quick pic to remind me for later. Fast-forward a few hours to Dazzler and I trying to decide what to eat when it hit me…healthy fast food!!

So I got online and searched for them and sure enough their menu looked healthy AND delicious. They only do telephone ordering for now but the phone was answered promptly and we opted for 2 of their meal deals….

There is a great choice with veggie and fish options as well as burgers, wraps and even skewers and the appropriately named Meat Boxes. I was intrigued so opted for a Meat Box meal deal- £8.95 for sizzling steak with 2 sides, in this case Rice and garlic mushrooms. The Dazzler went for a wrap meal deal- £7.95 for a skinny mexican chicken wrap with guacamole and couscous as sides.The options for sides are just as great and are missing chips which to me is heaven.

What can I say about the food other than it was amazing. My steak came in a tiny american Chinese takeout style box and there was lots of it. Darren’s wrap was wrapped subway style and the sides all came in plastic pots so we could have shared everything (notice I said could!!)

All the food was beautifully cooked and seasoned to perfection. As promised there was an emphasis on flavour as they don’t cook with fat and I didn’t even feel the need to add a little salt. My steak was tender and juicy, the rice just the right side of sticky and the mushrooms tasted fresh and garlicky. Darren’s guacamole was heaven, and a big enough portion, and his couscous and wrap tasted moist and the salsa divine.

The only downside for us was delivery as it took longer than expected to get to us but that was completely outweighed by their amazing customer service. We were told when we ordered that there would be an hour wait (pretty standard) but then 50 minutes later we got a call apologising for a continued delay and comping us part of our bill (above and beyond) a further half hour later our food arrived.

And the best part….they do Lick frozen yoghurt which is in small enough pots not to kill me and tastes DIVINE.

Overall I would have to say that LumberjacksFood is FLABULOUS


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