4 years ago today we said….I do!!

On a beautifully sunny September day 4 years ago we were sitting in a hotel on Brighton Seafront, looking out over the pier and sipping champagne whilst we got ready to tie the knot.

Lots has happened in the last 4 years…

We have an extra 2 nephews
We both now work in Brighton
We moved into our house
Equal marriage has been legalised
We both lost grandparents
We both hit big birthdays
We both gained and lost weight (in no particular order)

Some things haven’t changed…

We still live in Brighton
We still bicker like bastards
We both still eat the wrong things
We both have fantastic families
We both still love each other to bits!!

So as we sit here eating brekkie in bed and preparing to get on with our lives I took a moment to realise how lucky we are to live where we do, when we do, with the family that we have and I’m smiling from ear to ear.

and the best bit?

4 years ago we had to add in the ‘I do’ bit to our civil partnership…next year we get to say ‘I do’ for real!!



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