Let’s talk about porridge

I’ve had to admit as it’s getting cooler and darker in the mornings I am starting to hanker after something a little more substantial than toast and an apple for breakfast.

As DBags everywhere will tell you Porridge is a superfood for us. It gives us the energy we need in a great slow release formula and will set us up for the day without messing with our blood sugars.

But it’s soooo boring I hear you cry. True it doesn’t have the best rep, and in the huge range of cereals available today it is kind of the poor cousin to many others, but there are days when a ONLY porridge will do.

So I’ve been looking at ways of spicing things up and I’ve come up with a yummy way of making it…

Porridge oats
Tsp cinnamon (also good for DBags)
Milk or water
Handful of frozen blueberries
Squirt of sugar free maple syrup

All you do is make up your oats as you normally would but sprinkle in the cinnamon before adding to the milk or water. When it’s bubbling away add in the frozen blueberries and then when finished squirt in the sugar free maple syrup!!

This tastes FLABULOUS!!!


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