What a Year its been…

Well we are already in December and what a year its been. It seems like only yesterday that I started this little journey and so much has changed its unbelievable….

  • I started the year selling ice cream but will end the year with a career in Digital Media
  • Nigella started the year as a domestic Goddess who had her happy ending and ended the year a battered divorcee with an (alleged) drug habit
  • I started my year happily in a civil partnership and end the year planning our marriage.
  • Britain started the year with one of the worst winters on record – and had one of the best summers too!!
  • I started my year with 3 Neices and Nephews – and will end it with 4
  • Tom Daley started the year as a Gay Icon – and ended the year as a Gay Icon (with a Boyfriend!!)
  • I started the year by walking everywhere – and after a hiccup have switched to cycling
  • Russia started the year as a mysterious destination – and ends it as a place to avoid.

But lots hasn’t changed…

  • I still love the Dazzler
  • We still Live in Brighton
  • We still have Lulu – its just Dazzlers dream now
  • Nigella is still Flabulous
  • I’m planning Xmas in excel again!! (including Nigellas Turkey and Cake, and Nigels pudding)

I guess you can say ive found a new hobby. I started the year blogging to fill a gap – and now find I’m less able to blog – but still love doing it.

so I’m working on a new years resolution. More Blogging about the good stuff….

Keep being Flabulous


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