Happy New Year!!!

Well Hello there handsomes ;0)

It’s a few days late as we have been recovering but I had to update on our New Year’s Eve soirée that we planned so carefully….

As you know I spent the day throwing together nibbles and cocktails and we sat down to enjoy our night in, popped the cork on the champagne and clicked on the tv . The food was divine, the champagne, sipped rather than glugged, was a change from previous New Years excesses and we were having a great time….

And then It happened….bloody Facebook!! Our iPads squeaked in unison and low and behold our mates were actually OUT on NYE. The importance of this is that my mates NEVER go out on New Years, preferring a party at home so this had us vexed. Now don’t get me wrong we weren’t jealous, we had our champagne and nibbles…

No wait just a god damn minute, these guys are OLDER than us and they were OUT on NYE!! This was wrong….quickly a plan was hatched, we could fridge the nibbles, we could add vodka redbull to the champagne (don’t believe us, try it, divine!!!) we could make it there in time for midnight!!

Which is how we ended up not only celebrating New Years in Brighton with friends, but also not making it home before Dawn!! For those of you not there…this was us…..


And to make matters worse, hubby pulled….


And the moral of the story is, sometime spontaneous is the best way!!



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