Theres something about the Taste…


One of the highlights of this weeks TV for me had to be the start of The Taste UK on channel 4.

It is a foodies dream – Not only does it have Nigella, Bourdain and chef Ludo- who are a great triple act, but it had lots of real food in (sometimes huge) bitesize portions.

It has a brilliant concept – blind tasting by the above mentioned of a spoonful of food created by people passionate about the food they make, whether formally trained or not. The perfect part about this show for me is its twist – pitting professionals against gifted amateurs – and the surprises this inevitably threw up.

Whether it was the “private chef” who got too stressed in preparing everything in one spoon, or the amateur who gained a standing ovation for his tantalising morsel. Our hearts went out to the 18 year old who got overemotional (which Im sure he did for Nigellas cuddle!!)

I liked the fact that in this, the first episode, there was no guidelines on what type of food, so people cooked what the believed in, and i think the banter between the judges, which lets face it has had a series in the US to develop and so worked magically, really made the show.

In the end this isn’t life changing TV, and if it was just about the chefs, or even just about the food, i don’t think id be turning back to it next week, but there is something (of the voice) about the show which make me think this should be a fun hour a week to tune in to!!

Oh and did I mention the true star of the UK show had to be Nigella, the perfect mum between her two bickering boys, who was honest, flirty, sexy and demure all in one Flabulous, nude lipstick’d package!!


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