We’ve been talking about adoption…

And before you get excited, this is something we have given lots of thought to over the years but we are worried. You see we have lots going against us….

Me– I’m diabetic, overweight, have controlled blood pressure and 43
Dazzler– dyslexic, dyspraxic, controlled depression and 34

As you can see, we aren’t everyone’s idea of perfect parents but we do feel we could have lots to give. Dazzler has NVQ in social care, with years of experience caring for people. We both love kids and love our uncle duties but are not scared of being bad cops when we need to be!! We have a great home in a great community and both have supportive loving families.

We have put off finding out more about this for a few years because we just assumed it would be a NO to us but we keep seeing ‘signs’ that we should at least find out if it’s an outright NO or if there is a chance we could offer some child/children a family.

We aren’t jumping on a bandwagon here either. We aren’t your typical gay couple with no designer pets (or clothes for that matter!) we live on a council estate and our home is in a real community who over the years have come to accept us as part of the furniture. Dazzler babysits for the neighbours, we get involved in what’s going on and we don’t particularly stand out from the crowd!!

So when we saw an advert for an open day on valentines day specifically aimed at potential LGBT adopters we thought it was about time we bite the bullet and do something we have thought long and hard about so have booked a meeting.

Now those of you who know and love us may think we are mad, but if there is a chance that we can give a safe stable, happy home to someone who needs it, and wouldn’t have one otherwise then who are we to not try!!

So wish us luck and let’s see how we go xxxx


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  1. shoshana1989 says:

    Best of luck guys! It’s incredibly exciting that you’re starting to explore the possibilities out there 🙂

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