Fruity Nutty Flapjack Brittle

Last week was a tough old week and on Sunday, we were both worse for wear, The Dazzler is coming off cigarettes with eCigs and is finding it challenging and generally the mood was not good.

I made a pot of my leek and potato soup with added bacon but we were still without niceness in the house. There was no option but for me to get my bake on and so, after a rummage in the cupboard I came up with everything I needed to make fruity nutty flapjacks, which ended up Fruity Nutty Flapjack Brittle…


250g unsalted butter (1pack)
150g dark brown sugar
100g white sugar
250g runny honey
500g rolled oats
100g mixed nuts (I had walnuts and almonds in)
100g dried mixed fruit
50g glacé fruit (I used cherries)

Heat the oven to gas mark 4
Melt the butter, sugars and honey in a pan
In a large bowl mix the rolled oats with the roughly chopped nuts, dried fruit and glacé fruit.
Add in the melted mixture and combine then spread over a lined baking tin
Cook for 30 minutes until golden brown then turn the oven off & leave to cool.
These are liquid and goey when first cooked but will harden slowly so when they come out of the cooled oven you can portion in the tin.

These were a real unexpected surprise with a firm toffee-like base, thanks to the soft brown sugar and honey. When I got them out of the oven first time, they were still molten and I really thought id messed up but luckily after cooling and portioning they were Flabulous!!



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  1. Charisma says:

    This looks delicious, I love the glacé cherries and it gives great colour to it!

    1. Jimbob says:

      Thank you, I couldn’t believe my luck when the bottom ‘set’ giving crunch to contrast with the chewiness!!

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