Frugal feasting at Marks and Spencer

I have had an amazing couple of weeks food shopping at Marks and Spencer and had to share!! Now before you think I’ve gone mental and started getting ideas above my station don’t panic, I am a still a complete miser when it comes to shopping.

I will happily spend my Saturday checking online then traipsing round every supermarket and market in Brighton to ensure I get the best value for money. I’ve actually found some wonderful shops this way, that are actually cheaper than the supermarkets AND help me avoid waste!!

But the last couple of weeks I’ve had so much going on that I’ve had to improvise in order to get meals on the table within budget and since I now work 2 mins from an M&S I’ve been stopping in after work to see what treats I can afford and it’s been a revelation!!

So far both of us have been able to have homemade Thai Green Curry with rice and bread for under a fiver, deluxe filled Fishcakes & salad for £3 and sausage & Mash for £2. We’ve also sampled all types of wonderful bread and cakes for no more than 50p – I can’t bake for that cheap!!

The best part of my M&S reduced frenzy has to be the desserts. Ohhhhh the desserts. I’m not talking about trifles or individual puddings, I’m talking tiramisu or chocolate desserts that retail at about £4 normally, and I’ve been picking these up for about a £1

Obviously the proviso here is that it’s a potluck, and I have to be willing to walk away if there is nothing reduced but that’s not a problem for me. I’m now buying a day ahead so I know I’ve got food in if I don’t find anything.

One thing I have noticed is the quality of the food we are eating. I know it’s got a snobby rep for a lot of people but actually the quality does seem better and in this case is great value. I’ve even started to buy non reduced items in there if they are cheaper!!

M&S 3 for a tenner range, for example, actually gives much better value than other supermarkets. I can pick up a chicken, a huge pack of posh sausages and a big pack of quality mince all of which easily gives us meals for the week. With the same deal at the other supermarkets I always feel like I have to double up (2 chickens for example) to avoid buying things I don’t need.

I suppose for M&S it’s about getting you through the door, planning on you spending more on other things once you are there but anyone who knows me, knows that tactic has never worked on me.

So will I be switching my main shop to M&S? No – for branded goods you can’t beat the major supermarkets (Pepsi max 2lt for a £1 can’t be beaten)

But will I carry on getting my bargains there?



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