I’ve found our perfect sofa!!

20140225-070931.jpgAs those of you who have been with me for a while will attest, we are fans of all things vintage. Our lounge “style” has been heavily influenced by the Gplan furniture I inherited from my nan but I’ve been challenged for a while as the sofa and chair we also inherited , whilst being totally Flabulous, doesn’t really match and if I’m being honest is just too damn big for our lounge.

20140225-070945.jpgI’ve been on the lookout for something else mid century for a while but I’ve always come up with the same problem. When it comes to things to sit on we really need something heavy duty and original pieces are often a little lightweight in the support department and whilst looking Flabulous aren’t really going to last very long with us!!


I was soooo excited when I found the below sofa on-line because not only does it work with the rest of the furniture but it’s also a click clack sofa bed, so we can have lazy snuggle sessions AND have an extra bed when we’ve got a house full. This quickly switched to heartbreak when I realised they were only available in the US.




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