It’s not really Tom Yum Soup

I’ve had the weekend to myself!! Now this is a rarity, the Dazzler is off to visit his mum and instead of doing what I usually would, trying out new recipes and getting drunk I decided to do a spot of DIY and have spent my time sprucing up our bedroom!!

This would usually call for takeout and, as the Dazzler isn’t here, this would have been Chinese (heavy on the seafood – he hates the smell). In the interests of economy AND Health I decided to do my own, as generally it’s pretty quick to pull together.

Now I’m not a total masochist so bought a ready seasoned duck leg and whacked this in the oven. Adding this to some pancake rolls I got from the oriental deli and some plum sauce, cucumber & spring onions and I had duck with pancakes, with very little work. I also picked up some frozen dim-sum on special from sainsburys the other week, and these just needed steaming so all I needed was a main event….

And then I remembered another treat from my family cookbook (I’ve been adding recipes to this for years) My its not really Tom Yum soup….


Chicken stock (I use liquid concentrate & add water)
Fish sauce
Tom Yum paste (available from most supermarkets)
Tsp sugar
Couple of dried Lime leaves (I get this preserved In a jar)
Lemon grass (I use paste)
Pack of pad thai noodles (ready to stir fry ones)
Handful small baby Mushrooms
2 spring onions finely sliced
Handful raw king prawns
Juice of a lime


Bring your chicken stock to a boil and add tbs tom yum paste per pint together with tsp sugar and a couple of glugs of fish sauce.
Add in the lime leaves and lemon grass (finely sliced if using fresh)
Add in the noodles – if using dry then leave to simmer till tender
Meanwhile half the baby mushrooms then slice the spring onions first in half, then lengthwise lots till finely sliced (I made loads and used the rest for duck)
Add in the mushrooms and spring onions to the pot together with the prawns and simmer till prawns are cooked (about 2 minutes)
Turn off the heat and squeeze in the lime juice to taste
Serve in a bowl and eat with chopsticks and a spoon!!


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