Memories to treasure…

My first and last last vivid memories of my Nan are the same.

The last was my brothers Wedding day. It was also the last time that I would see her, and even though we spoke at least once a week (on a Tuesday, just before my uncle visited) this is still the memory that sticks with me.

We were all sat round a big table. My Nan, her brother my great uncle Derek and his wife Betty, my uncle Neil and my cousin Sophie, my “auntie” Annie and her husband David, an old family friend-another David, Dazzler and me. Whilst we weren’t all related by blood and despite some of us not knowing each other, we were family and had a fabulous time

There was real love round that table. From my Auntie Annie teasing our incredibly witty and patient family friend David about him never marrying; to my Nan, uncle Derek and aunty Betty all gently getting to know The Dazzler whilst making him feel at ease and part of the family; to lots of inappropriate laughter from the whole table, each of whom knew Christian, my Brother, far too well.

I was struck at the table how similar my Uncle and my Nan were becoming! Both slightly smaller than I remember. Both with very dry, very funny senses of humour (since when were potatoes square – my nan said under her breath loud enough for everyone to hear about the fondant potato on her plate) Both very obviously brother and sister.

I remember looking at them both with new eyes and thinking that they had both become older overnight. In reality I hadn’t seen them nearly often enough and should have been up to see them more. They lived in the midlands and I guess I used that as an excuse because my life was so ‘busy’ that I never seemed to have time to see them.

Later that night comes my last vivid memory of my Nan. She had slipped off to bed. I should have known then that something was wrong. My nan and I don’t just share a star sign (we are both gemini’s and our birthdays are 2 days apart) but we are also both night owls. The Dazzler did something I will never be able to thank him enough for….he went and got her to come and have a dance!!

Within ten minutes we were all on the dance floor. The Dazzler, my uncle Derek & aunty Betty, my Mum, my Nan and me. We were all dancing to something silly and I remember lots of laughter and my Nan and I twirling. It’s fitting that this was also my first vivid memory of my Nan- dancing and twirling to silly music in her front room. You see, as she would tell anyone, we were gemini twins, and both loved to dance.

Less than 6 months later she was gone. A couple of years later my uncle joined her. That was nearly five years ago now and I will never forget her…twirling….my gemini twin xxxxx


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