I admit it – I’m a foodaholic and I lie to Pizza Delivery boys!!

20140326-231924.jpgIt all started in the bad old days before we cut our intake down and  ordered Pizza from The Hut.  When the delivery boy arrived and started handing over boxes he commented that it was gonna be a fun party.

Party?  This was just the Dazzler and I having a mid week meal.  I found myself explaining that we had our family over and couldn’t be bothered cooking, and the lies began!!  As the deliveries increased so did the frequency of the lies. So much so that I even found myself shouting to “the Kids” that Dinner was ready as the delivery guy arrived.

But its not just Pizza delivery people that I find it easy to lie to – when i’m at KFC ordering a Family Bucket – I find myself asking for Breast portions and extra plates “as its the only thing the kids will eat”.  I even order a happy meal with my regular meal at McDonalds – because one meal is never enough.

Now – before you get all preachy on me I don’t do this often. I think the last time I stepped into a McDonalds was last year and I’ve only had KFC once this year but it doesn’t stop me wondering why I feel the need to lie so convincingly?

I guess its pure economics – the vendors need to make money and I need to get value. I figure it works like this – a burger, fries and a soft drink may be enough for some – but I’ve always needed a little something more and so have added in another meal or two (joke) as its the cheapest option.

In the case of The Hut the prices are, in my humble opinion,  inflated to encourage you to use the discount system – and for us we can get at least double the amount of food for the same money using a voucher. This obviously leads to waste (or waist depending on how hungry we are) but then keeps me perpetuating the lies!!

Its not all bad news though – lots of businesses have caught on to this. Nearly every one now offers an “extras” menu where you can add to your meal with something more but not full size and many now offer upgrades – adding ‘x’ extra for a small cash increase –  so maybe I’m not so unusual and the businesses don’t want me to have to lie to them.

At least now I don’t feel the need to create a family!!


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