This week something Flabulous happened

20140322-153828.jpgThis week saw something very different happen. Someone must have had the bright idea but it has spread like wildfire and already spawned many imitations including the one below, but to be honest I don’t care how it started or how many times it’s imitated as, in a world of awful news this is something to be proud of.

So what am I talking about? Of course it’s #nomakeupselfie which sees women posting photos of themselves with no makeup in return for a donation to breast cancer. I had already made several donations at seeing some of those beautiful au naturel beauties but I wanted to do more…..

So earlier this week with the help of some of the girls at work, we did my #madeupselfie and thankfully I was able to get several donations so feel it was all worthwhile.  It was all a bit of silliness and not my usual fun past time, and to be honest I just don’t know how you girls do it every day but every little helps….

And that felt FLABULOUS!!


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